Welcome to Craftventure

From small beginnings come great things. So too did Crafventure start as a small, insignificant Minecraft themepark called Wollahpark. As the park grew so did the ambitions. The idea for Craftventure was born. Slowly the park evolved into a full fledged themepark experience, offering a variety of rides that have revolutionised the Minecraft themepark industry. Thanks to our amazing staff and of course our wonderful community, Craftventure has grown to be one of the biggest Minecraft themepark servers to date. And we are still going strong.

With state of the art techniques, we deliver a truly refreshing themepark experience, that you cannot find anywhere else. Craftventure is filled to the brim with innovative rides, engaging events, our beloved Menno fountains and so much more. Innovation can be found around every corner. Who knows what secrets you will uncover on your next visit? Discover the most innovative Minecraft themepark, and join us today!

Craftventure is
  • innovative
  • redefining
  • groundbreaking
  • cutting edge
  • #cvsoon
Innovative rides

We use the newest techniques to deliver you a ride experience like never before. Combining 3D modelling, sound design, extensive coding and more, into a truly unique experience

Audioserver 2.0

Our audio server not only offers you ingame music and sound effects, it let’s you truly engage with the park. How about a live parkmap, onride photos or even gamepad support? How’s that for an audioserver

Become a VIP

For guests looking for extra perks, we offer the VIP package. This one time purchase enables fly mode, behind the scenes looks, sneak peaks of upcoming rides and much more. Get your VIP rank today!

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