Summer Event of 2019

Summer Event of 2019:

An experiment

In this post we’ll explain how the main game of the Craftventure summer event ’19 works. This main game is a take on the classic Capture the Flag game, but instead, you capture islands… and you don’t return them to your own base.

Every weekend of August – as in Thursdays to Sundays – you will be assigned one of the 2 random teams: blue or red. Both of these teams will try to capture all the 3 islands available. Every minute, for every currently held island, this team will gain 1 matchpoint. After each weekend, the winning team will receive several reward(s). That’s basically what you’ll be doing the coming few weekends!

Pirate coins and Pirate tickets

During the event one can earn Pirate coins and Pirate tickets used for any purchases related to the Summer event. Pirate coins are awarded to you every minute. If your team is in posession of 2 or 3 islands you get one extra Pirate coin per minute. Pirate coins are also awarded at the Jump Parkour, can be won at the Wheel of Aaarghh and can be found in the daily chest. Keep in mind that the troublesome daily chest tends to move around, and might not be in the same spot tomorrow.

The Wheel of Aaargh can be started by using one of your Pirate tickets, that can be rewarded when opening a daily chest. The Wheel of Aargh has 4 outcomes.
– 1 Free PirateTicket
– 50 Free Venturecoins
– 50 Free Piratecoins
– Nothing

Capturing an Island

Every island is, by default, protected by gates which have to be destroyed in order to be able to enter the island and capture it. To destroy these gates, hit the boxes that are inside the gate.


When you’re damaging the gates, they will slowly turn red, until they break.

After they’ve been broken, they will dissappear and allow you to advance further into the island. Your goal is to reach the beacon at the end of the island.

Doing the actual capture

When all gates are broken, you can advance to the beacon. When you get near the beacon (preferrably exactly on top of it), you will start to capture it for your team. Once the bar in top of your screen completes, you captured the island for your team. All gates will reset when the island is captured.

Note however, that when an island is owned by your team. You can use the teleporters next to the gate to go through it.

After an island has been in possession of a team for more than 30 minutes, the island will reset itself and has to be captured again. The gates to the island will reset as well, 30 minutes after being broken.

What happens if the server needs to restart?

There will be moments when the server has to restart, for example to apply bugfixes or add new things. Match scores will survive restarts, so don’t worry about that. Islands however, will have to be recaptured, as every restart they turn teamless again. Please note, especially during the first weekend, expect a lot of restarts, so be prepared for that!