Craftventure was founded around early 2012 by Kukamonda, Joeywp, MvdZaag and PoseidonTeller (AKA timy492 in the “old” days). From the beginning, the Wollahpark project (predecessor of Craftventure, late 2011), or at that point Disney Craftventure, was planned to be unlike any other server, which is the concept we still abide by today. Over the years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Minecraft.

Craftventure, now 5 years old, has seen many versions of updated attractions, lands, and shows over the years, the latest being a completely rebuilt park penned, “Craftventure 2.0”.

The first blocks of Craftventure where placed at the heart of the server, where the castle now stands.

The first iteration of Mainstreet on Craftventure.


Former main entrance into the park.